Organics in the News

  • New Monsanto Labelling Law Passed

    Monsanto’s Herbicide to Be Labeled as Cancer-Causing in California According to the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s popular Roundup weed killer, will be added to California’s list of chemicals known to cause cancer effective July 7.
    Friday, 30th June 2017
  • Bhutan's Organic Nation

    Gross National Happiness measure to include Organic Agriculture.
    Tuesday, 15th November 2016
  • Feeding the World Organically

    Can we feed 10 billion people on organic farming alone? Organic farming creates more profit and yields healthier produce. It’s time it played the role it deserves in feeding a rapidly growing world population
    Tuesday, 15th November 2016

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