Meet the farmers & their team

Meet the Farmers

Sha and Malcolm Devine - Owners at Papillon Organics

Sha and Malcolm Devine share a love of all things natural. Malcolm comes from a pharmaceutical background and until recently was a practicing pharmacist. Sha has always been a passionate gardener and lover of flowers and herbs. Their combined love of cooking and experiencing different flavours and tastes led to the original potager being planted with herbs for the kitchen.

Meet the Team

Each member of the team has a valuable and significant role to play in the day to day running of the farm and production processes. Being an organic farm means that we rely on a lot of manual labour. We do not blanket spray our crops with poisons to kill weeds, instead we pick each one out manually. A back breaking and very important job which really does help our plants thrive. Each job on the farm takes time and human effort to create the ultimate conditions for optimal growth. From seed to salad pack, weeding to watering, the work and contribution of a large number of people goes into making our product what it is.

The nature of agricultural work sees many people come and go, although some people settle and stay for years. To all those who have helped Papillon flourish over the years, we thank you!

Staff of Papillon Organics

 Our outside and production teams


The Berens Family have been living and working at Papillon for 16 years and been witness to her transformation. From sheep to shallots and even spreadsheets, the Berens family make a wonderful contribution to the day to day happenings at Papillon.

The Devine–Leshems have just joined us from Devon, UK. They are interested in living close to nature, using and caring for our Earth’s resources in a respectful and loving way. They bring with them two wild and open-hearted fairies!

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