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Tuesday, 1st August 2017

Is Kale the new beef?

It certainly is one of the most nutrient dense foods that nature provides for us, and delicious too! There is so much evidence based knowledge out there singing the praises of kale, and we try to include it in each of our immunity packs we sell. But what to do with it???

Kale chips, kale in soup, kale and garlic wilted greens , kale pesto perhaps...

I love this recipe for Kale, chickpeas and sundried tomato in a coconut and lemon sauce, it is delish and given to me by an amazing friend Yarrow who started up a cooking club in Devon called Mammabake. The idea was instead of a group of mum friends cooking at home alone each day, we would get together, batch cook our own choice and then at the end of a good cook up and natter we would leave with 3 days worth of meals. This freed up our time to spend it with our kids (or however we pleased really) rather that at the stove everyday and also gave us social time with our friends while the kids played together. Such a good idea.

Kale Recipes: 

Braised Coconut Spinach & Chickpeas with Lemon


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