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Tuesday, 18th July 2017

By Pip

Building scarecrows at Papillon

We have some hungry monkeys that don’t mind jumping electric fences just to take a bite out of each of our butternuts to check on their progress….we decided it is the right time to invite some wooden friends into the gardens.

This is how we do it here:

  1. Find some bits of wood lying around, or cut down some young wattle, always good to use what we have and if there’s nothing lying around, the alien wattle trees although not very highly regarded in general are actually very useful for building structures
  2. Make your frame….we went for a triangular shape on a tall branch
  3. Decide on a head…..this could be anything really, an old upside down terracotta pot, a bag full of straw, an old ball, filled stocking or pillow case…and attatch
  4. Dress him/her up
  5. Plant your scarecrow where it is needed


We tied tin cans to our scarecrows arms, a tip taken from the fields of Bali, which makes a very off putting noise to the potential unwelcome harvester!


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